Couples gibe the wedding fee of Williamstown gardens

Hobsons Bay council is arranging a meeting with celebrants in a call to stop pairs arranging marriage ceremonies without any permission in Williamstown Botanic Gardens.

It costs $395 for non-residents as well as $275 for residents tie the knot in one of four places in the gardens. Taking wedding pictures also needed permit that also costs $220.
Earlier, the council vowed to crack down on unauthorized ceremonies, but as of now none has been really fined. Kim Walsh reportedly told that his role was to inform the couples that they required a permission to use the garden for wedding ceremonies. He told that the council was searching for the celebrant to check that people had permits and he said that that is not their job, that is the job of council.
Kim believes that the council must put reserved signs at booked wedding locations to stop clashes. He added that he has had cases where weddings have been going at the same time. The council requires to have a person there who is basically running the show, ensuring everything is going to plan.
If you have 6 or so wedding ceremonies, at $395 a wedding that would pay for some council employee to ensure that the site is clean and clear. On a different note, they charge pairs $220 just to go in and take their marriage snaps there.

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