Couple Opens The Best Wedding Gift Ever After 9 Years of Their Marriage

Brandon and Kathy Gunn waited nine years to open a wedding gift that they had received from Kathys great aunt.

They had been given a white box along with an instruction that they would not be able to open the box until they face any personal differences of opinions.

Now Kathy has made one thing very clear in her Facebook posts that the whole span of nine years is a long period and they have fought several times. Sometimes their fights got so serious that they decided to end their relationship. But, in no way, they opened the box ever.

It is also clear from her Facebook posts that they refrained themselves from opening the box because they did not want to prove their marriage weak and vulnerable. Both of them were adamant of this fact of not opening the box at any cost.

So what makes them open the box ultimately? It was after some days when they were running out of options about what to gift for their upcoming wedding invitations. They started thinking about their wedding gifts and it was then the white box came to their mind.

When they opened the box they found several bath products, wine glass set along with two cards addressed to each of them.

While in Brandons card it was written Go get flowers and a bottle of wine Kathys card reads Go get a pizza, shrimp or something you both like. Get a bath ready.

It was then, they both realized that the main lesson they got from the gift is the key to have a rock solid marriage through understanding, patience and tolerance.

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