Avenged Sevenfold – (HD)(Live)(Rock am Ring 2011)(Full Concert)720p

My On Phase Activities Video Ranking: four / 5

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23 Responses to “Avenged Sevenfold – (HD)(Live)(Rock am Ring 2011)(Full Concert)720p”

  1. OlimacXrehtaeH says:

    ohhhhh !!! love this band !!! the bestshit ever!

  2. Dev0Tii97 says:

    I respect the musical skill in a7x but i just dont like their music.

  3. mikimauf21 says:

    01. Nightmare [00:00]
    02. Critical Acclaim [01:42]
    03. Arin fuckin’ amazing solo —> Welcome To The Family [07:53]
    04. Almost Easy [12:56]
    05. Buried Alive [17:12]
    06. Afterlife [24:12]
    07. God Hates Us [30:11]
    08. Bat Country [35:14]
    09. Unholy Confessions [40:45]
    P.S. Turn up Syn fuckin’ guitar’s volume

  4. MrAttacker50 says:


  5. endbringer2012 says:

    5:28 = amazing scream

  6. endbringer2012 says:

    There is a shit ton of people there.. and Johnny’s bass is beautiful >.>

  7. XDrummerXKid says:

    where is syn sound guitar, i can´t hear with the guitar of zacky

  8. TheBazzrt says:

    Well, it’s almost easy… padum tsss. No but seriously, ur right, arin is awesome.

  9. halo2846x says:

    omg….the bass is a way to loud.
    the backup vocals (syn and zacky and to quiet)
    its so fucking bad compared to “live in the lbc”-dvd.
    they turned so bad….but its still my favourite band!

  10. Murderofself says:

    first time i hear them….o my god…so bad for me so bad for my ears better go listen to some snoop dog lol

  11. asdWales says:

    anyone notice the word next to the star

  12. Fernando Cesar says:

    12:37… someone with baghat :~

  13. therev2100 says:

    Good points. Especially learning all of the songs cause i’m pretty sure that’s hella hard since Jimmy is in my honest opinion the greatest drummer ever so to learn everything from Sounding the Seventh Trumpet to Nightmare was probably rigorous and difficult

  14. djtnfl says:

    Matt has got some badass moves. 29:00

  15. 232metalcore says:

    are you fucking retarded? 

  16. iLukeVids says:

    they play bat country!

  17. Crushmeflat727 says:

    this sounds more like johnny christ featuring a7x lol

  18. framar601 says:

    Why the hell did you put 02 Critical Acclaim[06:48] in the discription its Welcome To The Family… please change

  19. YaskoCrue says:

    that is one german chick

  20. TFG1998 says:

    VIDEO NAME: Avenged Sevenfold Almost Easy Drum Cover (Demo) by T.F.G. This is a drum cover DEMO video of Almost Easy by Avenged Sevenfold, the studio recording is coming soon:) )Please make comments!

    Thaks for watching

  21. DatsiikGrizzly says:

    ahah no its not lol

  22. KnightIVIare says:

    fix the setlist… you left out welcome to the family and you had the times wrong

  23. samstar1995 says:

    it was for a big concerts with HEAPS of other bands so they had a short amount of time to play so they cant just play all the long songs