Couple Opens The Best Wedding Gift Ever After 9 Years of Their Marriage

Brandon and Kathy Gunn waited nine years to open a wedding gift that they had received from Kathys great aunt.

They had been given a white box along with an instruction that they would not be able to open the box until they face any personal differences of opinions.

Now Kathy has made one thing very clear in her Facebook posts that the whole span of nine years is a long period and they have fought several times. Sometimes their fights got so serious that they decided to end their relationship. But, in no way, they opened the box ever.

It is also clear from her Facebook posts that they refrained themselves from opening the box because they did not want to prove their marriage weak and vulnerable. Both of them were adamant of this fact of not opening the box at any cost.

So what makes them open the box ultimately? It was after some days when they were running out of options about what to gift for their upcoming wedding invitations. They started thinking about their wedding gifts and it was then the white box came to their mind.

Couples gibe the wedding fee of Williamstown gardens

Hobsons Bay council is arranging a meeting with celebrants in a call to stop pairs arranging marriage ceremonies without any permission in Williamstown Botanic Gardens.

It costs $395 for non-residents as well as $275 for residents tie the knot in one of four places in the gardens. Taking wedding pictures also needed permit that also costs $220.
Earlier, the council vowed to crack down on unauthorized ceremonies, but as of now none has been really fined. Kim Walsh reportedly told that his role was to inform the couples that they required a permission to use the garden for wedding ceremonies. He told that the council was searching for the celebrant to check that people had permits and he said that that is not their job, that is the job of council.

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Zyan and Perrie to tie the knot at Disneyland, reports

Zayn Malik, the former 1D singer, is all set to tie the knot with his long time partner Perrie Edwards in June. The couple will tie the knot at Disneyland. A leading magazine has reported that the singer have finally decided they he would take his wedding vows sometime later this year and reports suggest that they would do that at the popular theme park.

The magazine has gathered a series of reports with which they believe that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are already planning their wedding ceremony in Paris. The first clue reportedly came from Zyans sister Saafa, who reportedly posted a photo on of Perrie Edwards wearing a wedding dress on Instagram along with the caption: Cinderella #loveweddings.

A few hours later the image was taken off from the web. MTV said that Liam Paynes Sophia Smith posted a snap of a huge bundle of cream invitations too that really led to rumors that they were for an upcoming wedding.

Jennifer Lopez GMA Concert in Central Park | LIVE 6-20-14

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The secrets of being a celeb wedding planner

From flamboyant decorations to Flamingos to half-naked bridesmaids as well as royal guests, Malmaison’s brand new marriage planner admits that she had seen everything. Laura Richardson has purchased her years of celeb wedding planning expertness to the hotel that stays alongside Princes Dock in Liverpool.

After beginning out as an intern for a luxury marriage as well as events planning company in London, she made her own way up to executive assistant to director of the company in just within 2 hours. Later she carried on her work as a co-ordinator in a fourteenth century castle that is now converted into a 4 star hotel, bringing forth over two-hundred and fifty weddings a year.

But after serving the famous and rich tie the knot in style, Durham-born Laura moved to Liverpool to help couples with all their arrangements. She told that the wedding reputation of Malmaison Liverpool is very successful, he felt it was the great venue for her to work with. She added that the location is just ideal, the hotel itself is so quirky and makes the perfect unique marriage venue, therefore she is really enjoying working alongside their Brides and Grooms, and look forward to meeting many more.

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